Our own carbon footprint

We see it as an integral part of our responsibility as a corporate citizen to minimise the environmental impact of our business operations. We have been paying particular attention to reducing our carbon footprint, using energy and other resources as efficiently as possible, buying renewable electricity and offsetting the remaining emissions. We are also striving to use water and paper responsibly, to minimise the supply chain impact of our business operations and to reduce the amount of waste we generate.

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Since 2010, our

  • Carbon emissions from travel have been reduced by 60%.
  • Carbon emissions from electricity consumption have been reduced by over 85%.
  • Total energy consumption has been reduced by 27%.
  • Total electricity consumption has been reduced by 35%.

We have reduced our energy consumption by implementing energy-efficiency measures. About 80% of our electricity worldwide was from renewable sources in 2019 and we are committed to expanding renewable electricity use to 100% by 2025.

Deutsche Bank was one of the first banks which committed to becoming carbon-neutral. In 2012, we achieved carbon-neutrality for our own operations and have maintained it since. The bank offsets unavoidable carbon emission by purchasing and retiring high-quality emission reduction certificates. The carbon credits purchased in 2019 reveal investments in a diversified product portfolio supporting climate change mitigation and econo­mic development in Africa, Latin America and Asia. All offsetting projects comply with well-recognised global standards, including the Gold Standard (62%) and the Verified Carbon Standard.