Our sustainability and climate risk governance

We have been strengthening our governance for managing and overseeing sustainability matters, including those particularly related to climate change.

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The Group-wide Sustainability Council, established in 2018, acts as the main advisory body to the Management Board on current and emerging sustainability topics. Chaired by Christian Sewing, our Chief Executive Officer, the council is composed of senior representatives from relevant business and infrastructure functions.

Mandated by our Group Risk Committee, the Enterprise Risk Committee assumes the overall responsibility for holistic climate risk management. This includes overseeing the development of a climate risk framework, as well as the approval of sectoral risk appetite limits and restrictions to manage climate risks to the bank.

Potential reputational risks from client transactions, including those linked to climate-related issues, are governed by our Group-wide reputational risk framework. The Group Reputational Risk Committee is responsible for ensuring oversight, governance and management of these risks. Chaired by our Chief Risk Officer, the committee receives quarterly updates on environmental and social issues, including on climate change. It is a sub-committee of the Group Risk Committee.

Climate-related risks to the bank’s infrastructure, employees, and key processes are monitored by our Non-Financial Risk Committee, another sub-committee of the bank’s Group Risk Committee.

Group Sustainability, our central sustainability function, is responsible for developing and coordinating the bank’s strategic approach to sustain­ability. Sustainability-related governance structures, policies and processes, as well as dedicated sustainability teams in our business divisions, help us to anticipate client demands and continually expand our ESG offerings.

Our Management Board and our Supervisory Board are regularly updated on sustainability, with a particular focus on sustainable finance.